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There is no permanent Hell, there is no permanent Heaven. Therefore, the suffering that we sense during this transition of life is not a permanent condition that we need to be afraid of. It’s not where we’re going to end up. We end liberated from the suffering either by death, or in life, by waking up to the nature of our situation and not clinging and grasping, screaming and being angry, resentful, irritable or insulted by our existence.
Allen Ginsberg, “Negative Capability: Kerouac’s Buddhist Ethic” (via happinessandfruit)


Vulture Peak (Grdhrakuta) in Rajgir where the Buddha inspired Avalokiteshvara to give The Heart Sutra - the Prajna Paramita Hridaya Sutram requested by Sariputra, rock that looks like a vulture; upper right, facing left. India on Flickr.

Republishing in the hopes that Buddhists will get to see this image - please note Tibetan lettering on the lower left.

kelledia: This is the best image of Vulture Peak I’ve ever seen; site of the Zen Flower transmission .

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